How does the Selency delivery service work?

Updated 10 months ago by Hélène

Delivery costs by Selency are always at the expense of the customer who pays them when placing his order.

Our delivery service then organizes the transport: it first contacts you by email within 20 days to inform you of the week of passage, then by phone to fix with you a day and a time slot for the collection. The carrier comes alone and you will have to take the product down if you are on the floor.

We ask you to protect the item before it leaves: at least 2 layers of bubble wrap. You will also need to stick a collection slip on the packaging that you will receive by email.

Delivery can take up to 6 weeks. If the customer wishes to withdraw within 14 days of receipt, he has every right to do so and you must refund the money you received on the sale.

For any questions, you can contact the delivery service :

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