Manage your ad

Updated 1 day ago by Jane

Once an article has been published, you can make certain changes to it from your shop in the section "All items" then by clicking on "Modify" in front of the given product, or on "Remove" if you want to delete it.

You will be able to:

- Add photos to your ad and modify the quantity available in step 1/3.

- Modify the dimensions and weight in step 2/3.

- Display a reduced price.

- Change your pick-up address, add options for delivery and modify the turbo in step 3/3. 

For more informations about the Turbo you can read this article.

It will then be necessary to click on "Publish my product" to save the changes.

Be careful, check the amount of turbo on your product, you will not be able to modify it after the sale.

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