What happens if a customer requests a return for non-compliance?

Updated 10 months ago by Hélène

If a customer complains within 72 hours of receiving the item for non-compliance, our customer service takes the time to judge the non-compliance on photos, videos, etc.

If we consider that there is indeed a defect of conformity, the customer is refunded the totality (article + shipping costs) and you will not be paid for this sale. If you have been paid from the sale, we ask you for the amount received in return so that the customer can be refunded. This is why it is essential that your ad is faithful to the product in reality! You can request the return of the item, but the return shipping costs are at your expense. In the event of a Selency commercial offer that would have covered part or all of your outward delivery costs, you will be charged the original price (i.e. without discount) for the return delivery.

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