What happens in the event of breakage?

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Postal delivery : It is up to you to choose whether or not to send the package with insurance. Without insurance, you will not be compensated by the transport company in case of breakage and all costs will be at your expense.

If you send the insured package by post or Mondial Relay, the amount of insurance is 23€/kilo. In case of a problem, if you have not yet received your money, we will block the transfer to refund the customer. If you have received your money, we ask you for a return transfer in order to refund the customer. We invite you to make a complaint to the relevant department afterwards.

If you wish to recover your item, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

Delivery by Silence : If you use the "by Selency" delivery service, please note that the insurance is ad valorem: your product is insured up to its selling price on the site. However, to benefit from this insurance, you must have protected the product with bubble wrap and minimum film. If the product is not protected when the carrier arrives, he will have you sign a waiver of liability and you will be responsible for the costs in the event of breakage.

If the product is well packaged and the carrier has handled it incorrectly, we will operate the insurance and you will not be held liable under any circumstances. You will be able to choose to recover your repaired product without being paid or to choose to be paid from the sale without the product returning to you.

Other deliveries : If you offer another type of transport, be sure to check the insurance provided so that the compensation is made in the best conditions for the customer and for you.

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