The item that I've received does not comply with the listing. What should I do?

Updated 3 months ago by Hélène

We ask each seller to be as transparent as possible when creating their ad. However, it is possible that an article may be non-compliant.

In this case, you have 72 hours after receipt of the item to make a complaint to Selency at The earlier the request is made, the faster and easier it will be processed. We ask you to send us separate photos of the item in order to judge this non-compliance.

Here are some "non-conformities" that cannot be returned:

- if the item is described as "in its original state", we are more tolerant of sellers on the condition of the item. In case the item is displayed "in its original condition", do not hesitate to ask the seller for more information and additional photos in order to be sure of your purchase

- if essential information is missing in the advertisement (e.g. dimensions, colour, quantity, etc.) or seems ambiguous, you must check with the seller before buying. We will not accept these grounds for return for "non-compliance".

If this non-compliance is confirmed by our customer service, you have two options:

A return to the seller: the return shipping costs are at his expense. You will be refunded when the seller has received the item in return.

Compensation: you can keep the item and the seller will compensate you according to the type of non-compliance

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