How do delivery quotes work?

Updated 1 year ago by Hélène

If a customer is interested in an item but no delivery solution is suitable for him, he can request a quote for a personalized delivery.

You will then receive an email indicating the customer's city and postal code. You can also find this quote request on your shop, in "Messages" then "Received quote requests".

You have the possibility to propose new delivery solutions to meet the customer's request and you set the price yourself. This new delivery option will appear directly on the ad so that the customer can place an order. He will be the only one with access to your proposal.

If you do not have a delivery solution adapted to the customer's request, you decline the request and the customer will be referred to Selency's delivery service. You have the possibility to participate in part of the delivery by Selency if you wish in order to encourage the customer to place an order with reduced costs!

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