What if my item is broken when it arrives?

Updated 1 year ago by Hélène

We ask you to be very careful when you receive your order. Regardless of the shipping method, it is important to take the time to unpack the item in front of the delivery person.

Refusal of the item on arrival from the delivery person will in any case allow you to obtain a full refund as soon as possible (contact us at help@selency.com).

If the item is damaged but you still want to keep it, you simply have to report the damage on the delivery person's reserve note. You can then return to us by email within 48 hours of receipt at help@selency.com so that we can offer you compensation. This compensation will cover all or part of the repair costs.

When you receive the broken item, you have 48 hours to contact us about it. Please send us an email to help@selency.com with pictures of the damaged item (preferably with the packaging) and as many details as possible about the delivery (delivery person present or not, condition of the packaging etc).

We will then be able to register your claim and initiate the refund process if possible.

Be careful, if you have received an item damaged by a Selency delivery, make sure to open the item with the carriers and make a reservation. Without this reservation, we will unfortunately not be able to compensate you.

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