What happens in the event of breakage?

Updated 1 year ago by Hélène

In case of breakage, except Selency delivery, you are responsible for this breakage. The customer's refund is total if he requests it (item + shipping costs) and you will not be paid for this sale. You can request the return of the item, but the return shipping costs are at your expense. The customer can otherwise claim compensation if he keeps the product. This is also done at your expense.

In the event of a Selency commercial offer that would have covered part or all of your outward delivery costs, you will be charged the original price (i.e. without discount) for the return delivery.

If you have already received payment for your sale, you are required to make a return transfer to us so that the customer can be refunded.

If the item is damaged or broken during a delivery by Selency, our carrier is liable. We take care of the total refund or compensation of the customer and you are of course paid for the sale. If you want to recover the product despite the breakage, you will not be paid and we will repair the product for you so that you do not lose either the sale or the product.

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