The Selency selection process

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Selency brings you an inspiring online platform where anyone can buy and sell unique, beautiful secondhand furniture and home accessories. By ‘unique’, we mean secondhand, artisanal design in line with contemporary desires and trends. Our site selection criteria is wide-ranging so as to cover a maximum range of styles and prices, appeal to the greatest number of people, and provide access to great design for all  🙌🏼

We select all items ‘by hand’, assessing each and every new listing with great attention and care, 24/7.

There’s no favoritism or bias at play—we examine each listing the same way, one by one, regardless of whether you’re a professional or amateur seller. 

In addition, we work in close collaboration with a group of highly-qualified vintage design experts who help us authenticate all designer pieces. We do this to avoid the spread of counterfeit copies within our catalogue, which helps us create trust and credibility with our customers.

Accordingly, all items that appear on the site are screened and verified before they go online. More than 92% of items uploaded are approved. This selection process is founded on two main criteria : the style and quality of the product (which must be in line with Selency’s brand image), as well as the clarity of the listing and the number of photos (the main factor to sell). It’s crucial that photos match up to item(s) being sold : items sold per piece should appear alone in the photo. Those sold as a lot of multiples should be photographed all together. This helps avoid confusion after the sale is made.


Sold per piece :

Sold as a lot : the first photo should show all pieces being sold:

If your item is not approved, this doesn’t mean future ones won’t be—so please feel free to upload others 😉


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