Is that possible to negotiate the price?

Updated 3 months ago by Hélène

Negotiation is allowed of course!

On some ads you will find the button Make an offer next to the button Add to cart. In this case, the seller explicitly tells you that he is ready to negotiate.

How does it work?

1- Click on Make an offer.

2- Enter the price you're ready to propose

3- Your offer is displayed in a private conversation with the seller

4- All you have to do is wait for his answer : either he accepts, or he refuses and makes you a counter-offer!

In the messages, you also have a Make an offer tab directly to the right of your conversation with the seller. Don't hesitate to propose your price thanks to this tab after having asked all your questions.

If this negotiation feature is not active, don't hesitate to contact the seller via the private messaging system to ask him directly!

Good to know : in the event of a promotional offer organized by Selency, if you submit an offer that would be rejected by the seller and if the promotional period is exceeded, we will unfortunately not be able to renew this promotion for one of your future purchases.

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