Describing your item

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Write a detailed description. You’ll want to provide customers with the most information you can, so include everything you know about the product, including its backstory as well as any flaws 🖌

Here are a few tips for writing better listings :

- Be explicit regarding quantity, and indicate whether the item is being sold per piece or as a lot. If the latter, make sure you include the total number of items included.

- For rugs and mirrors, provide dimensions directly in the title. Customers tend to search for these items by size, so including dimensions in the item's name helps them find what they’re looking for. 

- If your item doesn’t fit into an existing category, that means it’s not eligible for sale on the site.

- Do not use all-caps in the title or description of your item. Only proper nouns (names, cities, countries) should contain a capitalised first letter.

In case you’ve got questions, feel free to contact our Selection team at : 📧

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