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Updated 1 month ago by Jane

You can leave a comment regarding your experience on Selency  🖌

You will receive an e-mail from our partner "Avis Vérifiés" on the e-mail address linked to your Selency account. You will then be able to leave a comment about the website, the product and the seller. The comment on the seller will be displayed on the seller's shop page. 

When you receive that e-mail depends on the delivery method :

- If it's a delivery organized by your seller, the mail will be sent 14 days after your made the order.

- If it's a shipment made by Selency, you'll receive that e-mail 6 weeks after your made the order.

If you didn't get any e-mail from "Avis Vérifiés", we invite you to check your spam. We can unfortunately not send again these kinds of e-mails 📧

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