Seller's responsibility during pick up

Updated 2 months ago by Jane

As a seller, you have numerous responsibilities regarding the delivery by Selency. 

- You need to wrap and protect the product correctly. In order to learn more about wrapping products, please click here 📦

- It is also upon the seller to make the product available to the carrier. It means that the product must be downstairs, in front of your building when the carriers arrive. They can not go upstairs in order to pick the furniture up. It is the seller's responsibility to plan for some help in order to get the product to the truck. 

Moreover, the transporter is usually alone in his truck during his shifts, the driver may ask you for some help in order to load the product 🙌🏼

- The seller needs to stick the pick up slip on the parcel. If the product is divided in multiple parcels in order to facilitate transport, it is necessary to stick a numbered collection slip on each package. Do not forget to include a notice for your buyer to facilitate the reassembly of the furniture 🧩

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