Breakage with delivery by Selency

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If your purchase unfortunately arrives broken during a Selency delivery, the first thing to do is to unpack the product in front of the deliveryman and express a reserve on the delivery note. This is a paper on which you have to explicitly indicate the damage caused to the furniture and the condition of its packaging, and your by your signature. We recommend that you be as precise as possible, so that your request can be taken into account. You can also refuse the product immediately upon delivery and obtain a full refund of your purchase. Please note that we ask you to contact us within 48 hours maximum to report the incident or issue.

If you decide to keep the product, 3 choices are given to you: 

- You can do an estimate or ask the carrier to do one so that the repair is taken care of (please take into consideration that this repair will be done up to the price of the product and will not be exceeded).

- You can keep the product and ask for a commercial gesture to have it repaired by your means. We will get in touch with the transport company to assess the amount of the compensation you will be given.

- Finally, you can decide to return the product if these last two alternatives do not suit you. You will not have to pay for the return shipping costs and the product will be refunded.

If you need help, don’t hesitate ton cont our Customer Happiness service at or by phone to +44 20 3923 1040 (from 2pm to 7pm).

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