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Selency's art is divided into 7 categories. This guide lists our main selection rules so that you do not waste time creating ads for products that we do not accept.  But be careful, this list is not exhaustive, we have our little secrets!

Illustrations - Busts and heads in plaster - Sketches - Contemporary paintings - Photography - Oil portraits - Old paintings

Old paintings

✅  We accept:

- Rural paintings, figurative paintings

- Paintings in soft and light tones 

❌ We do not accept:

- Paintings with too dark tones

- Paintings with too flashy colours 

- Pastels, watercolours

- Lithographs and engravings

Contemporary paintings

✅ We accept:

- Fresh figurative or abstract works

- Works in colourful, soft and light tones 

- Works by living artists

❌ We do not accept:

- Pop and street art works

- Works with too bright colours

- Pastels and watercolours 

Oil portraits

✅ We accept:

- Only portraits

❌ We do not accept:

- Not on the same level

- No nudity

- No watercolour

- No pastel, charcoal, engraving


- For fashion sketches: only sketches of major fashion houses

- For the sketches: we work directly with artists

Plaster busts and heads

- Only busts and heads made of plaster, stone and neutral colour

- No sculpture on one level or painted

- No animal carving, no bronze carving

✅ We accept

❌ We do not accept :


- At the moment, we only work with one partner who guarantees us authentic black and white archival photos.


We work directly with young artists > Figurative, contemporary works

- Simple lines, colored, light tones 

- Living artists, producing works in limited editions

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