Service fees

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By paying service fees, you allow Selency to ensure:

- Carbon neutrality 🌳 : we are committed towards carbon neutrality by continuously reducing our carbon emissions and by financially contributing to the development of new ways of producing clean energy.

- Buyer’s protection 🙌🏼 : our customer service is always available for you, and guarantees an answer within 72 hours, with personalized support and monitoring.

- Selection & identification of furniture 🖌 :  a team dedicated and passionate about interior decoration goes over all new adverts created on Selency with a fine toothed-comb, to be sure to offer the best possible catalog. We also collaborate with experts specialized in time-period furniture, in the effort of identifying designer-created furniture. 

Service fees are computed depending on the value of your current cart - not considering delivery charges.

Which are the cases where service fees are refunded ? 🧐

Service fees are reimbursed in the case of an unintended withdrawal, meaning in the unfortunate circumstance where the ordered product is delivered damaged or is considered not conform to the advert. However, if you decide to withdraw from your purchase for any other reason, service fees will remain at your charge.

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