Uploading a new item

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So, you’ve got an authentic, unique item to sell on Selency. That’s great!

Head to the tab marked SELL to upload your first item.

We’ll ask you to provide some required information about it, such as:

- An item name: make it clear and concise to catch the attention of potential buyers.

- A description: detail everything you can about this product, including its backstory if possible, and list any flaws or defects.

- A fair price: by ‘fair price’, we mean one that takes into account both the item’s value and condition. Be careful to not factor in its sentimental value when calculating your price.

- Quality photos: photos should be detailed and as clear as possible. In general, the more well-lit or aesthetically pleasing they are, the faster your item will sell.

If you’re selling a single lot containing multiple items, be sure to provide a photo of all the items together.

Be as transparent as possible about your item’s condition and/or defects to avoid unfortunate surprises.

Your product will then be assessed by our selection team to ensure it fits within the existing Selency catalogue.


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