What kind of items can I sell?

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Selency, it's a boutique of character. To have decided to be a selective boutique is a strong and assumed choice, which gives a real coherence to our catalogue. Our product catalogue is both our showcase and our identity card: it is important that it conveys our personality. We are a boutique with a refined style, charm and pep's. This is precisely what our customers are looking for. Thus, we only accept unique furniture and decorative objects that have a real place in today's interiors.

This charter (version FR / version EN) is an indicator of our main selection rules in order to avoid you wasting time when creating ads for products that we do not accept. It is not an exhaustive list of the products we take or not on the site (because, yes, at Selency, we have our little secrets (and that's what makes all the magic)) but an indicative guide, at a minimum. We'll show you.

Our curation guide.

Some criteria must be respected:

  • no furniture from major manufacturers (Fly, Ikea, Maisons du monde, etc.)
  • no new products available
  • no creations (even from old materials)
  • No artwork
  • No religious objects
  • No non-decorative games & toys
  • No non-decorative leather goods or suitcases
  • No stuffed animals & bedding
  • No advertising objects
  • No household appliances
  • No plastic (except signed parts)
  • No glass paste
  • No overloaded decorative objects, a little kitsh

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