What can I sell on Selency?

Updated 1 month ago by Hélène

Selency brings you an inspiring online platform where anyone can buy and sell unique, beautiful secondhand furniture and home accessories. By ‘unique’, we mean secondhand, artisanal design in line with contemporary desires and trends. Our site selection criteria is wide-ranging in order to cover a maximum range of styles and prices, appeal to the greatest number of people, and provide access to great design for all.

To help keep our catalogue consistent and in line with our brand image, we’ve put together a selection team that assesses and approves each and every new listing. The guiding criteria for our selection team are the following: authenticity, uniqueness, item quality, and listing quality.

Have a look at our selection guide by clicking here to avoid uploading items that we don’t accept and save yourself time.

Please note that this guide is by no means exhaustive—providing a complete list of selection criteria would not only be much too long—it would give away the secrets of what makes Selency special.

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