Set up your Stripe account

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In order to receive your transfers, you must create your Stripe account 💰

Stripe is a company specialized in payment. We use it to secure credit card payments and transfer money to sellers. 

In order to set up your account, you must go to "My shop“ and then "Payments settings“. 

If you are a professional seller, you will be asked for certain documents such as a business registration document/ certificate of incorporation less than three months old, a VAT registration document depending on your status. 

Stripe may also ask you to download your ID, as well as a proof of residence. Indeed, these documents are mandatory in order to validate the security conditions required by the platform. 

If you are a private seller, and a company or website name is requested, you will have to enter

When you fill in your documents, pay attention to the format requested by the platform. If they are blurred or in black and white, Stripe will not validate your documents, and will ask you to re-download them. As long as your Stripe account is not validated, your payments will not be credited on your bank account. 

For certain nationalities, it is not possible to open a Stripe account. If this is your case, please contact Selency’s customer service.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness service at 📧 or at 📞  +44 20 3923 1040 (from 2pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday).

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