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You have 14 days to cancel your purchase if you don't like the product ordered. To do so, simply contact our customer service. You will then be refunded of the price of the product and the shipping costs to and from your home will remain at your expense.

You have 14 days after receipt of the item to return your purchase. If you do not do so within this period, your withdrawal is cancelled and you will not be refunded.

If the item returned to the seller arrives broken, you will unfortunately not be refunded. We strongly recommend you to subscribe to the insurance of the carrier or the service you subscribe (Colissimo, Mondial Relay...).

If you received your item broken, you have 48 hours to notify us, otherwise the shipping costs will remain at your expense if you want a refund. We also invite you to respect the following conditions in order to take your request into consideration: 

- Unpack the product with the carrier at the reception.

- Sign the reserve, indicating in details the breakage.

- Taking pictures.

You can then refuse or keep the product, and contact our customer service to inform our team of your concern. We will help you with the utmost attention! You can click here for more informations.

If your item is not compliant, you have 72 hours to report it to us. You must also take pictures to show as clearly as possible what does not correspond to the announce. Then, we invite you to contact our team so that we arrange the problem with the seller and you will be compensated or reimbursed. You can click here for more informations.

In case of pick up at seller's place, the withdrawal will not be taken into account once the product has been picked up.

If you want to cancel your purchase while it is shipped, the shipping costs will remain at your expense, whether it is a delivery organized by the seller or a delivery by Selency.

If you need help, don’t hesitate ton cont our Customer Happiness service at help@selency.com or by phone to +44 20 3923 1040 (from 2pm to 7pm).

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