Promotional offer

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Validity dates of a promotional offer : a promotional offer is valid only within the limits of the dates announced on the website, in the newsletter, and on any other Selency support. If you place an order before or after this offer, it will not be valid.

Promotional offer for delivery : Upstairs delivery and/or handling services for delivery to your home are not part of the discount. This promotional offer applies only for delivery options available on the product sheet and in accordance with the terms of the offer. We reserve the right to choose the best available delivery solution. Promotional offers concerning delivery are valid for deliveries outside the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Islands.

If you have placed an order with pick-up from your seller, but in the end you decide to choose another delivery method, we will invite you to cancel your purchase and order again to make the change.

Withdrawal of a purchase made as part of a promotional offer : if you wish to return the item in the case that you are not satisfied, you will be charged the price of delivery excluding promotion.

Product unavailable : if an item purchased as part of a promotional offer turns out to be unavailable, we will unfortunately not be able to apply this offer to a new purchase if it is made outside the validity dates of the offer.

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