Delivery terms

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Which countries are eligible for BySelency delivery ? 🌍 France (excluding Corsica), Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland

What are the pick-up times ? ⏳ 2 to 4 weeks (6 weeks for Switzerland) from the day of order validation. During this period, the delivery slot is likely to evolve according to the constraints of our carriers' regional trips and your availability.

Who pays the shipping costs ? 💸 The price of the delivery is charged to your buyer, and you will be paid for it on the day of payment of your product. You have the possibility to contribute to the shipping costs by activating Turbo. Please note that delivery is offered for products costing 50 euros or more.

How do I get the removal order ? 🔖 As soon as the delivery (of your validated sale) is organized by Selency, we will send a voucher to the email address associated with your Selency account. Make sure to stick it on the package(s) that are to be picked up by the carriers. Remember to stick it on each package and number them.

Under what conditions will your pick-up be carried out ? 💡 Outside the Île de France the transporter is alone in the truck. We work with carriers, not movers. It is up to you to provide assistance to bring your delivery driver after the removal of your item from the delivery truck. If your item is sent in spare parts, remember to inform your buyer and slip him an instruction manual for assembly 🧩 You will be notified by email then SMS of the fixed day and the time slot of delivery.

Can my item be delivered upstairs ? 💪🏼 This is not a proposed service by Selency, however, if you need help, do not hesitate to ask us, and we will ask our partner.

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