Deliver yourself

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You have the possibility to deliver your products by your means. This will be at the expense of the buyer and you will be paid at the same time as the price you get for the product.

You can call upon companies specialized in small and medium parcels such as Mondial Relay, Chronopost, DHL... Or call upon a transport company delivering furniture. 

You will have to indicate to the buyer the terms of delivery of the carrier that you propose once the sale is validated because they can vary according to the different companies. This will protect the buyer and yourself in the event of litigation and to make exchanges more fluid. A well-informed buyer is a buyer who will trust you!We strongly recommend that you take out insurance from your carrier as well in order to facilitate compensation if necessary.

N.B. : The buyer cannot choose his relay point on the site directly at the time of his purchase. We invite you to contact him as soon as the sale is validated in order to agree with him on the relay point that suits him best.

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