See a product before buying

Updated 1 month ago by Jane

Our Selection department is here to make sure that a product is eligible to be sold on Selency. However, it is not possible to see a product before buying it.

- If the product is not compliant to its add, you have 72 hours after receiving it to report it to Selency's customer service team. We ask you to provide us with pictures as proof. 

- If the product doesn't suit you, you have 14 days after receiving it to change your mind and report your cancelation wish to Selency's customer service's team. 

In order to learn more about cancellations, please click here !

If you can't grasp some details of the add, we invite you to contact the seller directly by clicking on the link "CONTACT THE SELLER", which is available on every product's page. It will allow you to ask every question you may have before placing your order.

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