Negociate a product price

Updated 1 month ago by Hélène

Potential customers can negotiate the price either by sending you a message via the private messaging system, or by sending an actual negotiation offer. If that offer doesn't suit you, you will be able to refuse it, and make a counter-offer in order to offer a price. In order to be able to order with the negotiated price, an offer must be done on the private messaging system. 

Whenever you accept a negotiation offer, it is not mandatory for the customer to place their order within 72 hours. An offer does not mean that the buyer has placed an order, and, if the order is placed, it is not mandatory for the seller to accept it. 

Good to know : in order for a customer to send a negotiation offer, you have to authorize this feature on the product's page. Only 7 days after the product is online, will the negotiation feature be active. 

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