Tips for photographing your item

Updated 1 month ago by Hélène

You don’t need a professional to take great photos. All you’ll need is your smartphone or a digital camera 😉

We require a minimum of two different photos, one of which will be cut out (and placed onto a white background) for free by our team for inclusion in our catalogue, and another in-situ photo that helps customers better imagine what the item will look like at home 📸

Make sure that your item is fully visible (no part of it should be cropped out). It’s important that there is nothing on it, in front of it, or inside it. You may want to consider adding detail shots as well.

An example of a photo that’s been cut out for our catalogue:

It’s best to photograph items indoors to avoid overexposure.

- If you’re selling a group of items:

The first photo must include all items in the lot.

- If you’re selling per piece:

The first photo must feature only a single item.

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