Take a picture of your product

Updated by Hélène

You don’t need to be an expert, just bring your mobile phone or camera, and that’s it! 😉

A minimum of two different photos are required: one will be chosen for free by us to be highlighted on our catalog, and another so that future buyers can see the furniture in all of its detail 📸

Make sure the product can be seen in its entirety: it should not be cut off at any point. It is important that there is nothing covering it. Also consider adding photos of details. Pay attention to the photos taken outdoors and to overexposure light - take photos indoors !

Example of a cropped photo :

Please note :

  1. If you are selling items in a batch : the main photo must show the number of units available in the batch.
  2. If you are selling only one unit : the main photo must show only one unit.

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