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Validity period of a promotional offer :

In the occasion of a promotional offer, this special deal is only valid within the limit of the dates announced on the website, in the newsletter and on any communication made by Selency. If you placed your order before or after the offer, we will not be able to offer you a discount later on.

Promotional offers concerning delivery :

In the event of a specific promotional offer regarding delivery, floor delivery or handling services to deliver you are not part of the discount.

The promotional offer applies only to the delivery options available on the product page and according to the offer conditions. We reserve the right to allocate the available delivery solution that we feel is the best. The promotional offers concerning delivery are valid excluding United Kingdom, Switzerland and islands.

Promotional offers concerning delivery are valid for France only (excluding islands):

Within the framework of a promotional offer specific to delivery, if you have placed an order with pickup at the seller’s place and you finally prefer to choose another delivery option, we will invite you to cancel your purchase and place your order again to change your delivery option.

Withdrawal of a purchase made as part of a promotional offer :

If you wish to return the item for unsatisfactory delivery, you will be charged the price of the delivery without the promotion to return your item.

Unavailable product :

If an item purchased as part of a promotional offer is finally unavailable, we will unfortunately not be able to apply this offer for a new purchase if it is made outside the validity dates of the promotion.

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