Colissimo delivery integrated into Selency

Updated 4 days ago by Jane

Colissimo is now fully integrated to our platform, and how it works is simple:

When listing your product, we automatically calculate the cost of delivery for France, Europe and the rest of the world, depending on the size and the weight of the parcel that you will have filled up. 

Once the customer places his order, you will have to pay for the cost of shipping, but don't worry, the costs of shipping will then be refunded to you, as it will be paid by the customer. We will provide you with a shipping slip, that you will be able to find in the section "orders awaiting shipment". 

The tracking number will be sent automatically to the customers once the parcel is brought to the Post office, and the status of the order will be changed automatically (shipped once the parcel is dropped at the Post office, and delivered once it is delivered). In case of damages or problems, the process is stil the same : the seller will have to lay a claim to Colissimo. We advise you to protect your parcels as best as you can. 

Regarding payment, the process is also the same : the bank transfer will be launched automatically 14 days after the product is notified as shipped. 

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