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Updated 4 days ago by Jane

If you have an account on Selency, you will be able to contact sellers, add products to your wishlists and place orders. It is very important to create an account, because without it, you will only be able to browse the website.

In order to create an account, click on the person looking icon, on the top right hand corner of the homepage, and click on "Login" then "SIGN UP HERE"

We will ask you if your status is private or professional, if you chose the second option, we will ask you if you are a professional buyer or seller. 

Then, you will have to fill in your first name and your surname, your e-mail address and then you will have to chose a password and confirm it. Don't hesitate to take this opportunity to sign up to our newsletter as well by ticking the last box 😎

After that, you just have to confirm the creation of your account ! This binds you to accept the general conditions of our platform. 

If you wish to do so, you can also sign up using Facebook. 

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