Listings are not published directly ?

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Once you’ve uploaded your item, it will be sent to our selection team who check each listing one by one. They do so 7 days a week to ensure that items are published to the site as quickly as possible.

It’s possible that we’ll ask you to make small edits to your listing to ensure it’s 100% consistent with our rules and our catalogue. Finally, the first photo you’ve provided will be sent to our graphics team to be cut out and placed onto a white background.

24 hours later, it’ll go live on the site!

To recap, your listing may be:

- Refused: in this case, you’ll receive an email from us explaining why.

- In need of edits: we will not be able to publish your listing until edits are provided. We’ll let you know what needs changing by email.

- Approved: we’ll cut out your first image and your listing will go live within 8 hours!

In case you’ve got questions, feel free to contact our Selection team at:

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