Offers on commission

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If we make an offer on the commission, we always specify whether this is valid on the advertisement of the product published between certain dates or on sales made within a given time.

If the offer is valid on the advertisement added, you must have put your product online between the dates indicated on our communication media. If the product is sold outside these dates, however, the offer will still be valid since it applies to the product and not to the sale.

On the contrary, if the offer is valid on the date when the sale is made, it does not matter when the product is added ; only the date of the sale that counts.

Validity dates of an offer on commission :

In the case of an offer on commission, the offer is valid only within the dates announced on the website, in the newsletter and on any communication made by Selency. If you have sold or added an item before the offer or after the offer, we will not be able to offer you a discount.

Withdrawal of a purchase made as part of a promotional offer :

If your buyer wishes to retract his order because he is not satisfied with his purchase, the reduced commission will be renewed if the offer concerned the advertisement’s date of posting. On the other hand, we will not be able to apply the reduced commission if the offer concerned the date of the sale.

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