Change the shipping method of a sale

Updated 1 day ago by Jane

Once you order is through, it is possible to change the delivery mode. A delivery by Selency can be operated by the seller for example. In order to do so, the conditions have to be defined with the buyer, and you need to contact Selency's customer service in order for us to be notified and apply the changes ( 

Beware, we will not be able to cancel a delivery by Selency if the pickup is planned in the next 72h. 

On the other hand, in order to change from a delivery by the seller to a delivery by Selency, you need to make sure that the delivery by Selency is available for your product. As a matter of fact, all products of our catalogue are not eligible to be delivered by Selency. Don't hesitate to contact Selency's customer service in order to make sure.

If you need help, don’t hesitate ton cont our Customer Happiness service at or by phone to +44 20 3923 1040 (from 2pm to 7pm).

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