Breakage during a Selency delivery

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If the order arrives damaged in the case of a Selency delivery, the buyer must contact us within 48 hours. Also, the buyer must write down on the delivery slip every damage on the furniture. 

It can happen that the damages are caused by :

- A mishandling of the furniture by the shipper,

- Because of a lack of wrapping from the seller. In this case, the carrier may ask you to sign a waver during the pick-up. Also, if the buyer states that the wrapping was not sufficient on the delivery slip, the expenses of transportation go and back will be the for the seller to pay, and the product will be sent back to the seller. 

Please note :

- If the buyer decides to keep the product, we will ask you to pay for the commercial gesture, either on presentation of a quotation for repair, or by making a reduction on the product's price. 

- If the damages are not the seller's responsibility, the product will not be sent back to the seller, and the seller will be paid, unless they decide to take it back in order to sell it again 🤓

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Happiness service at 📧 or at 📞  +44 20 3923 1040 (from 2pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday).

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