Respond to a delivery quote

Updated by Hélène

If the delivery options indicated in your ad are not suitable for a potential buyer, he or she can request a quote from you using the “Request a quote” button on the product sheet. You will then receive an email and must respond within 72 hours.

You have several choices :

  1. You confirm that you have another solution and send over your proposed offer.
  2. You indicate that you do not have a solution to propose. This will redirect your buyer to the options already indicated on the ad.
  3. If BySelency delivery is offered and you don’t have a better offer, we suggest you contribute to the cost by activating Turbo.

No matter what your response is, your buyer will be informed by email and will be the only user of the site able to see it over a period of 5 days. If they do not place an order, the quote will expire.

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